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Cougars on the prowl at London escorts



Gentlemen from the United States often like to call their escorts cougars. We don’t have a problem at all with that at London escorts from, but what the heck is a cougar. I know that it is supposed to be some certain of mountain lion in the United States, but where can I find one. It would be great to have one here in boudoir so that I could talk to gents about being London Cougar. It sounds kind of funny to me, but I do like the idea.


A lot of Americans have invested very heavily in property in London recently and some of them are ending up dating London escorts. Most Americans only want to date girl who work as outcall escorts and we can do that here at the agency as well. I am sure that a lot of the gents that we have met, enjoy dating English style, but some of them are a bit surprised at how different things are here in the UK. I must admit, we do have a different dating style.


Many of the American gents that I have met since joining London escorts, expect us to be able to strip. I have never known any girl from a London escort service to strip, and if you are looking for that kind of service you really need to pop across to Soho. That being said, I understand that a couple of strip tease clubs have opened up in Canary Wharf as well, but that is not really my part of town at all. When I go out, I normally go out around the Soho area.


Gents from the US also expect us to spend all night out with them going around to different places, and not to come home until late the next day. Most London escorts are into pub crawls and stuff like that, but it seldom involves staying at all night. I have done it a couple of times, and I have to say that I am really tired at the end of the morning so to speak. However, they pay for it, so I don’t mind staying out to early.


Most English gents like to meet up during the evening when they have finished work, but American gents can pop in any time during the day. They always seem to be ready to party and us girls here at London escorts are ready to look after them. One thing that I have to admit is that Americans are not very good at drinking. They get drunk really quickly and sort of fall asleep. One gent from the States told me that the drinks over there are not very strong. Well, they are a bit stronger here and if they are going to hack living in London, I think that they had better get used to it. But, I suppose that it is a learning thing. Some gents can handle their drink and some can’t, maybe they should take it slow to start with when they come to London.


Who are those girls?


It is worth your while to check out Canary Wharf as well. This is sort of a newer area of Canary Wharf. It used to be part of the old docklands but has now been revived and transformed into a stunning new neighborhood. There are quite a few Canary Wharf escorts agencies here as well, and you will be able to enjoy some new adventures such as duo dating and bisexual Canary Wharf escorts. I have dated here a few times recently and been able to enjoy some really sexy adult fun with Canary Wharf girls from

31_1_17 london escorts 146Canary Wharf gets really busy in summer, so if you are serious about setting up dates with Canary Wharf escorts, you need to make arrangements as soon as you hit town. Many foreign visitors date Canary Wharf escorts and if you are out too late, you will be out of look. Making and arranging dates is easy. Check out the hot babes on Canary Wharf online, call the agency to set up the date and then just enjoy. I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed in Canary Wharf escorts. It doesn’t matter if your sexy Canary Wharf girl is from, London or Canary Wharf – they are all super-hot.

Where can I find the sexiest girls in Canary Wharf? Canary Wharf is a huge place and if you are new to dating Canary Wharf escorts you may find it a bit of struggle to find the sexiest girls in Canary Wharf. The truth is that most Canary Wharf escorts are very sexy but there are some Canary Wharf hot babes that are sexier than others. I have been dating escorts in Canary Wharf for about five years and I know where to find the sexiest vixens in town. What I really like about dating in Canary Wharf is how easy it is to pick up a hot date virtually anywhere, but there are some Canary Wharf babes I would recommend for your adult pleasure.

One of the best areas to find the hottest Canary Wharf escorts is in London. I have dated some shockingly hot blondes and brunettes. This is a great area to date the sexiest girls in Canary Wharf as so many of the escorts who work in this part of town are just sex goddesses. Many of the Canary Wharf escorts that you will be able to date Mayfair are former lingerie models and porn stars. Trust me – you will not be disappointed when you met them and enjoy your hot date.

Another great area to find hot and sexy Canary Wharf escorts is London’s best. This is another really exclusive area of Canary Wharf and you will find that some of the finest gents date here. Yes, you will need a little bit of extra spare cash but the experience is worth every penny. There are some that say that London Canary Wharf escorts are the best escorts in the entire world. A lot of them are very sophisticated as well and sort of model themselves on fine French courtesans. They are sexier than sex and if you have an hour or two to spare, you should date London hot babes.


The precious time Spending it all with Woodford



Woodford escorts from are known to be good shoppers, and I am pretty sure that more than one of many of Woodford’s personal shoppers, have Woodford escorts as clients. When the girls are not working, they like to live it up a little bit and that includes buying good quality designer clothes and all of the latest accessories. Personally, I may have to contend with having to stand in line for hours in the Next’s Boxing Day sale, but escorts do not put up with that. They simply pop down to the closest department store and pick up that latest hand bag or Bruno Magli shoe design. A world away from my own at the moment.

31_1_17 london escorts 135Both Woodford models and Woodford escorts can earn pretty good money, but the question is – how do they like to spend it? My friend Karla and I would probably make straight for Dorothy Perkins or Top Shop, but I know for a fact that most Woodford escorts would not entertain shopping at any of those establishments. You are much more likely to find them shopping at Liberty’s or Harrods for all of the latest designer gear and handbags. Karla and I may have to stretch our budgets a bit further, and might even be first in line when Tesco’s offer double value on our hard earned club card points. Still, we are happy.

All Woodford escorts like to treat themselves to the best cosmetics as well. My occasional treat might be something from Elemis, but that precious jar of cream will have to last a bit longer than a month. Most Woodford escorts would just be the entire range and that would include Genifique from Lancome. The vast majority of us would probably struggle to keep up with the shopping habits of Woodford escorts and this is why the girls certainly appreciate their elite dates.

Mind you, not all Woodford escorts spend their money of frivolous stuff like cosmetics and clothes. For some Woodford escorts glad rags and hand bags come last, and instead they make smart investment such as property and good quality cars. One local lap dancers that I know was able to buy her own home at the age of 25 and she does not have the earnings’ power of some Woodford escorts. Perhaps I am totally in the wrong business here and should be investing in a pair of stilettos and some lace knickers instead.

Most Woodford escorts do very well for themselves and are happy to stay on their jobs. Some of them don’t even spend all of the money on themselves. A lot of the girls that I know also send money home to their parents and families on countries such as Poland and Ukraine. It is not that unusual for Woodford escorts to support their families back home as well as keeping up with their jobs and Woodford expenses. A lot of people probably consider Woodford hot babes to be a bit less than smart, but you need to ask yourself who is the smarter. The girl with a doctorate who has to work hard for her money, or the girl who can enjoy herself at the same time.

Wife asks Mumsnet what sex toys she should use to spice up her marriage… and is inundated with some VERY … – The Sun

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Wife asks Mumsnet what sex toys she should use to spice up her marriage… and is inundated with some VERY …
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HORNY women have turned to Mumsnet for tips on the best sex toys to buy to spice up their love lives. The parenting website has long been the place where mothers swap hints on everyday problems, such as breast-feeding, getting babies to sleep and …

Wife asks Mumsnet what sex toys she should use to spice up her marriage… and is inundated with some VERY intimate … – The Sun

The Sun
Wife asks Mumsnet what sex toys she should use to spice up her marriage… and is inundated with some VERY intimate …
The Sun
HORNY women have turned to Mumsnet for tips on the best sex toys to buy to spice up their love lives. The parenting website has long been the place where mothers swap hints on everyday problems, such as breast-feeding, getting babies to sleep and …

Is she really sweet or innocent or just tricking me?

I am head in heels in love with this girl that I met at East Ham escorts. She is a really amazing look good and it is hard to take my eyes of her. I have even downloaded her image on my laptop and managed to get rid of the water mark. It may seem freaky to you, but now she smiles at my from my mobile phone as well. There is something really exciting and special about her that I cannot resist.

Could it be that I am fooling myself? There are days when I think that I have madly in love with this girl. She is so sweet and innocent and I have spoiled her rotten so far. When I stop and think about, I really have spent a horrendous amount on money on her buying presents and taking her out for little treats such as dinners. She seems to appreciate it all, but I am not sure that I am doing the right thing at all. I know of other guys who have done the same thing, and the girl has then left the East Ham escorts service she was working for.

I think that I maybe going slightly nuts to be honest. The girl is nice, but should I be spending thousands on her buying her stuff. Not only have I bought here quality brand perfumes, but I have bought her many other things as well. A couple of weeks ago, I bought her this super expensive hand bag. When I came out of the store, I felt silly but could not go back in. I thought that I may as well go through the purchase, and hope that my friend at East Ham escorts would appreciate it.

Of course, she appreciated my gift of the bag, but I am not sure it was the gift that mattered of the value of the bag. Like one of my mates say, most East Ham escorts probably get some great gifts, and if they are consumables, they probably end up selling them. I hate to think that this girl would do something like that. She seems to be so genuinely appreciative of my gifts but how can I ever be sure. The truth is that I can’t. The reality is that she may sell the bag when she stops dating or moves onto another escorts agency.

Anyway, I have decided to make the most of it, and enjoy her company. I have asked her a couple of times if she would like to go out privately, but she has always said no. She claims it is against the rules of the East Ham escorts service she works. I know that most of them have rules, but I also know that most girls who genuinely likes you, will break the rules. I suppose I should really get my head out of the clouds and start to think about things a little bit differently. She does not only look after me, she also looks after a lot of other gents at the escort agency, and I am sure that the other gents treat her to special presents as well.

I just love my job at Kingston escorts

I just love my job at Kingston escorts, says Maya. When I first came to London, I thought I would really struggle to get a job with a good agency. It hasn’t really been that difficult. However, I did start off at an agency in North London. I thought it would give me so vital experience of what gents in the UK expected from escorts, and it certainly did. Once, I felt that I had more confidence, I started to apply for different jobs around London escort services. Some of the didn’t like me, and others I didn’t like. Finally, I found a good job at Kingston escorts.


hot pleasure from kingston escort


The thing with Kingston escorts is that they are happy to help you. The boss appreciated that I had a lot of experience, but didn’t know how to do things like setting up my own boudoir. London is after all to me a really big city, and I wasn’t sure what to do. The Madame who helps to run the agency. Helped me with all of that and now things are going really good for me. All in all I am glad to be working in London, and at this agency.


Lots of girls arrive in London every day hoping to make the big time. The fact is a lot of the girls don’t, and this is down to them not being willing to work hard. I was more than happy to work hard, and learn from my experience. It was only after that I felt I had learned a lot, I was confident enough to approach some of the better agencies. I am not saying that I did not appreciate working in North London, because I did, I just knew that I could do a lot better than working in that part of London.


Kingston escorts is an elite agency, so you are expected to really look after your gents. That is something which I am really good at, and the Madame told me a lot about how to be a VIP escort. You have to have a certain style and sophistication, otherwise things are not going to work out for you. Most of the gents that I date are very refined, and I have to say that I enjoy their company immensely. The gents in this part of town treat you so differently than the gents in North London.


I am happy here at Kingston escorts, and I am not going to leave. A lot of the girls who work for this agency have been here for a long time. Part of that is because you get so well looked after by all of the agency staff. The owner is a really nice guy as well. When I worked back home in Bangkok, no one really looked after the girls that well. That is what I really like about this agency, and escorting in London in general. People do look after you and care for you. I always dream about everything but sometimes we never expect that it will come true.