Is she really sweet or innocent or just tricking me?

I am head in heels in love with this girl that I met at East Ham escorts. She is a really amazing look good and it is hard to take my eyes of her. I have even downloaded her image on my laptop and managed to get rid of the water mark. It may seem freaky to you, but now she smiles at my from my mobile phone as well. There is something really exciting and special about her that I cannot resist.

Could it be that I am fooling myself? There are days when I think that I have madly in love with this girl. She is so sweet and innocent and I have spoiled her rotten so far. When I stop and think about, I really have spent a horrendous amount on money on her buying presents and taking her out for little treats such as dinners. She seems to appreciate it all, but I am not sure that I am doing the right thing at all. I know of other guys who have done the same thing, and the girl has then left the East Ham escorts service she was working for.

I think that I maybe going slightly nuts to be honest. The girl is nice, but should I be spending thousands on her buying her stuff. Not only have I bought here quality brand perfumes, but I have bought her many other things as well. A couple of weeks ago, I bought her this super expensive hand bag. When I came out of the store, I felt silly but could not go back in. I thought that I may as well go through the purchase, and hope that my friend at East Ham escorts would appreciate it.

Of course, she appreciated my gift of the bag, but I am not sure it was the gift that mattered of the value of the bag. Like one of my mates say, most East Ham escorts probably get some great gifts, and if they are consumables, they probably end up selling them. I hate to think that this girl would do something like that. She seems to be so genuinely appreciative of my gifts but how can I ever be sure. The truth is that I can’t. The reality is that she may sell the bag when she stops dating or moves onto another escorts agency.

Anyway, I have decided to make the most of it, and enjoy her company. I have asked her a couple of times if she would like to go out privately, but she has always said no. She claims it is against the rules of the East Ham escorts service she works. I know that most of them have rules, but I also know that most girls who genuinely likes you, will break the rules. I suppose I should really get my head out of the clouds and start to think about things a little bit differently. She does not only look after me, she also looks after a lot of other gents at the escort agency, and I am sure that the other gents treat her to special presents as well.

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